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So as I was saying, from the very first time our Family's met I could feel this sexual undercurrent bubbling away under the surface, which although none of us knew it at the time was just about to rise up like a fucking jet stream. 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"I really must prepare myself for the evening meeting," Reverend Mouser said."With you on my side, I believe that I can start with our plan, I'll try to get the village in our bed one sermon at a time." As we got dressed, Dad told them that he would find someone to clean the chimney, and until then they would be welcome at our home."We have an apartment above the garage, it has a nice stove.My sister-in-law is coming to stay with us, but with this storm I don't expect her any time soon.Debbie can share the twin's bed, I'm sure they would love that." That evening our entire family was in church for the Sunday night service.This was unusual; we never went to church on Sunday or Wednesday.This time we dutifully sat next to Dorothy and Debbie in the front row.I understood why when I saw Dad pull Dorothy's dress up and started to finger her slit.The only person who could see was the reverend standing in the pulpit. "As I was standing there," the reverend was saying, "I had a revelation, a revelation that sent me to my office and the bible, with a clear vision of what God was telling me.He said that love is the most powerful emotion that man has, and that hate and deceit was totally absent in the face of love.Further, that love should be toward your fellow brother and sister." He was met by a thunderous "Amen." "I tell you Brothers and Sisters, it is impossible to hate while in the throws of love, and I mean love making.Not just a verbal declaration of love, such as I love you Brother, and I love you Sister.No it is an act of love and no love can compete with love between a man and a woman, when she has allowed him to penetrate her being with his manhood." There was a rustling and shuffling of feet heard throughout the sanctuary.Other than that there was silence. "I can tell by the look on your faces that you are somewhat bewildered.Is it because the act of love is so disgusting?" There was a murmuring, and a few faint `no's'. "Is it because you have been taught that it's okay to openly display your hatred, but you're not supposed to display love?" Again there was a rustling, and a couple of ladies got up to leave." "Please Sisters don't leave.Sit and hear me out."They wandered back and sat down.It was quiet; the only sound I could hear was dad's finger going in and out of the preacher's wife's cunt. "Tell me Sisters, do you know of any love deeper than the love between a man and a woman while he is buried in her body? " Mrs. Goddard said."No brother." "Then what is the problem?Is it that if I wanted to enter your body, that you just don't love me enough to allow it?" Silence. "If I demonstrated true love to you, here now, by allowing my beautiful wife to be loved in front of you, my congregation, would that convince you of my sincerity?" Again Silence. "Brother Stinson, can you come up here?" Dad pulled his finger out of the dripping cunt and went up to stand by Reverend Mouser."Do you love your family, Brother Stinson?" "Yes," my father replied "If I told you to make love to your wife here and now would you do it, just to demonstrate your love?" "Yes." There was a gasp from the congregation. "Do you love me and my family?" "Yes." "If my beautiful wife told you that she loves you and your family, could you, would you make love to my wife here and now?" Dad looked out into the congregation, and saw that their mouths were agape, Dad said, "yes." "Sister McGuire," he said."You are here with your husband and son.Do you love your husband and son?" "Yes," she replied in a tiny voice. "Would you open your body up for your husband?"